4hero - earth pioneers

Her wicked witch sister soon arrives and vows to revenge for this death. Bewildered by all of the events Dorothy regains her composure and immediately begins her quest to discover the truth about the people of this new world, the powers behind it, and ultimately, how to find her way back home to her family farm in Kansas. From the beginning she is instructed by midget-like mythical beings that in order to get back home she must ‘follow the yellow brick road’.

4hero's style was initially uptempo breakbeat , house and techno , and has progressed to breakbeat hardcore , oldschool jungle , and drum and bass . Comparisons have been drawn between them and East London band Shut Up and Dance , with both bands evolving in the early 1990s as a rapprochement between the breakbeat-driven African-diasporic musical structures of hip-hop and reggae, and the dark, European reconstruction of the techno sound popularised by the likes of Joey Beltram , CJ Bolland and Mundo Muzique. 4hero both embraced the dynamics of populist rave culture, and maintained an avant-garde status as innovative and experimental producers. They trailblazed genre-crossing studio techniques such as timestretching and pitch-shifting .

4 Hero - Earth Pioneers4 Hero - Earth Pioneers4 Hero - Earth Pioneers4 Hero - Earth Pioneers


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