New class a - you can do it / feel the rhythm

One of the many benefits of object-oriented programming is that it allows for reuse of logic. For example, classes can be created that contain a base level of functionality. These base classes can then be extended through inheritance to create new classes that encompass the functionality of the base class along with any custom logic needed. The end result is that as a developer, once the base class has been created, you can extend and enhance the functionality of the base class with minimal effort. (For a more in-depth look at inheritance be sure to read Ian Stalling's article, Using Object-Orientation in : Inheritance .) Since the .NET Framework is built upon the principles of object-oriented programming (OOP), it's no surprise that borrows heavily from the tenets of OOP, one such tenet being inheritance. The base functionality for all pages is spelled out by the Page class in the namespace. This class defines the essential properties, methods, and events for an page, including such members as:

While all pages must be derived from the Page class, they need not be directly derived. That is, an page may extend a class that, itself, extends the Page class. In fact, when using the code-behind model for creating pages the actual page is derived from the code-behind class, with the code-behind class being derived from the Page class. In fact, oftentimes it makes sense to create a base class for a particular Web application that extends the Page class and have all code-behind classes derive from this class, rather than directly from the Page class. This universal base class can contain its own properties, methods, or events that are common to all pages in the particular application, or it can extend the functionality of existing methods or properties. In this article we'll look at how to create and start using a custom base class. Read on to learn more! - continued -

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New Class A - You Can Do It / Feel The RhythmNew Class A - You Can Do It / Feel The RhythmNew Class A - You Can Do It / Feel The RhythmNew Class A - You Can Do It / Feel The Rhythm

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