Brandkommando / cavum oris - several words

Bargain Basement / Wilt -- "Flea Market / 1958" -- CD-R -- €7
2002 Solipsism, Solipsism-53, (ltd. 100)
Bargain Basement: short wave radio, police scanner, field recordings, dishwasher, contact microphones, guitar, synthesizer, sheet metal, power tools, sampler, effects processor, tape manipulations, circuit bending, toys, pipes, video tape rewinder. Wilt: tapes, elektroniks, samples, found objects.

Trance-dark-electroacoustic-gong-drone-music !
Recorded during a performance in "the Mechanik" club in Gdansk.
HATi are maily known for their acoustic droneing sounds, for this release they was exploring a more dark electronic.
Heavy backgrounds and mechanical trance rythms.
Like rust is conquring the more heavy metals, this sound is conquering the more deep urban areas ...

Brandkommando / Cavum Oris - Several WordsBrandkommando / Cavum Oris - Several WordsBrandkommando / Cavum Oris - Several Words

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