Ray sharp - many a man / i'm gonna stay

According to police, Sharp was arrested after an incident in which a partially nude woman was seen looking for help in a neighborhood in the northwest end of the city. Witnesses said Sharp had dragged the woman by the hair into a residence.

Born in America, Michael Emmanuel Rodnitzky, Man Ray’s father, was in the garment business, so there is a hint of autobiography in the flat iron, although the tin-tacks typically cancel the reference. He liked to cover his traces. For the same reason, he changed his name. Man Ray has a Futurist ring to it. X-rays were in the news. They seemed to open up new ways of seeing and new ways of seeing were his aim. When the new art of Modernism was shown for the first time in New York in the Armory Show of 1913, he knew he had found his destiny. Then in 1915, he met Marcel Duchamp. They became close friends, influenced each other and shared a passion for chess.

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Ray Sharp - Many A Man / I'm Gonna StayRay Sharp - Many A Man / I'm Gonna StayRay Sharp - Many A Man / I'm Gonna StayRay Sharp - Many A Man / I'm Gonna Stay


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