Space - mission#1

The USG Ishimura was a ship designed for the new resource-gathering practice: Planetcracking . The Ishimura 's job was to mine other planets for their most rare and most valuable resources to take back to Earth. Even though there have been subsequent Planetcrackers (a small fleet now exists), the Ishimura remains the iconic symbol of mankind's will to survive, even after all these decades. Thanks to Planetcracking, mankind is now thriving again, and resources are plentiful. By the time of the game, the Ishimura has performed 34 successful planetcracks, and is now in the process of beginning its 35th. However, the events that take place during this planet crack are events that threaten the very survival of mankind.

The bulk of that imagery, he says, comes from the more than 140 operational Dove cubesats, developed in-house at Planet. The company also has five RapidEye medium-resolution satellites it acquired in 2015, and 13 SkySat satellites from the acquisition of Terra Bella, formerly Skybox Imaging, from Google. Six of those satellites launched Oct. 31 on a Minotaur-C rocket , along with four Dove cubesats.

Astronaut Doi also talked about space environment and life in space, which are different from the life on earth, to the people. During the question & answer session at the end of the event, astronaut Doi answered several questions from the audience.

Space - Mission#1Space - Mission#1Space - Mission#1Space - Mission#1

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