Star industry - last crusades

Night Creatures
Neal Scanlan (seated), creative supervisor of the Star Wars creature shop, and guests at the Canto Bight casino.

As you can see above, 13 th Dec is a significant date and that is when new locations and vehicles will also arrive, Iden Versio returns in a new single-player story called ‘Resurrection’, new daily challenges begin, and the week culminates with ‘Galactic Assault Sunday’. Incidentally around this time (on 15 th Dec) The Last Jedi is released to movie theatres. In the following fortnight EA has shared further plans for daily and weekly challenges to keep you enthralled and busy.

In fact, one Facebook user with the page “Down With Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and Fanboys” is laying claim to creating bot accounts that are hacking into the Rotten Tomatoes user score for  Last Jedi. 

Star Industry - Last CrusadesStar Industry - Last CrusadesStar Industry - Last CrusadesStar Industry - Last Crusades

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