Nihilist - she's such a scream

Despite their lack of understanding and interest in the world around them, these emerging adults, Smith and his collaborators insist, are not unintelligent. Rather, the authors argue, no one has taught them to ask questions about morality or to think about what is important in life. Smith and his coauthors blame, at least in part, “the tolerance-promoting, multiculturalist educational project” for some of these problems. In the effort to make the next generation more accepting of other people and other views, they have made the generation accepting of everyone and every view.

If Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas showed the comic and grotesque side of drug culture, then Requiem for a Dream shows the pure abyss of it. In this film the viewer is not situated with nihilistic characters but with a nihilistic milieu. The story revolves around drug addiction in several aspects from start to finish. The way this manifests itself could result in the film becoming a thriller but the theme is handled in another way entirely.

Nihilist - She's Such A ScreamNihilist - She's Such A ScreamNihilist - She's Such A ScreamNihilist - She's Such A Scream

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